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Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment Tool

The Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment (CCNA) Online Tool provides a significant amount of the secondary data to help you along your way to complete comprehensive community needs assessment with the click of a button.

The CCNA tool allows you to:

  • Select state(s) and county(ies) to be included in your report
  • Select specific data elements (Demographics, Employment, Education, Housing, Income, Nutrition, and Health Care) o Preview a draft report
  • Download a draft report onto your desktop in a Microsoft Word document that is fully editable. From there you can add text, tables, maps, etc.; delete unwanted sections; and modify it any way you need.

This tool was developed by the Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems (CARES) at the University of Missouri in cooperation with the Community Action Partnership’s National Training Center, the Missouri Association for Community Action, and the New York State Community Action Association and is FREE to Community Action Agencies and Other CSBG Eligible Entities.

Try it out now to see how easy it is to get a jump on your CSBG Community Needs Assessment or Head Start Community Assessment. Go to www.communityactioncna.org.

For more information, contact the National Training Center at TTAsupport@communityactionpartnership.com

The Community Commons is pleased to announce that we will be migrating the popular Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment Online tool to the Community Commons platform which will allow for expanded data collection and mapping capacity. In addition, we are building a Community Action Hub through Community Commons that will allow the Network to share information and access data sets and maps that other CAAs have found helpful as well as share additional information.

Community Action Agency Sample Needs Assessments

2019 YCAP Needs Assessment
For more information on this report, please visit the YCAP website or contact:
Mandy Gawf
Client Services & Housing
1317 NE Dustin Ct.
McMinnville, OR 97128
503.883.4176 Direct Line
503-687-1489 Cell

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