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More than housing – making a home.

Too many people are finding themselves caught in our national housing crisis. With vacancy rates are as low as 1% around the state, the dwindling supply of safe, stable, and affordable units are often too expensive for many who need them and they are left with nowhere to go. 

Seventeen Community Action Agencies (CAAs) around the state are working to change that. By combining and leveraging a variety of resources – especially the Emergency Housing Assistance (EHA) fund and State Homeless Assistance Program (SHAP) – our CAAs succeed in helping Oregonians secure housing and create homes.

Here are some of the stories of families and individuals who are thriving with support they getting from their local CAA.



  • “Lisa”NeighborImpact
    Domestic violence forced a mother and two sons from their home. Despite having family willing to help, Lisa needed additional supports to rebuild her life and care for her boys.
  • DeannaNeighborImpact
    With little more than the clothes on their backs, Deanna and her son escaped domestic violence but found it much more difficult than expected to find a job and a new home. Even with 20+ years of administrative experience, Maria and her son needed help from her local Community Action Agency to recover and flourish.
  • “Karen and Viktor”Homeless Outreach and Advocacy Project (HOAP)
    From living in a tent, to receiving a housing voucher, to comprehensive case management, to a stable home and employment – this young couple was able to address their complex array of needs because HOAP helped them navigate an equally complex system.
  • KatieSalem Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)
    As a young, unexpectedly single mother, Katie needed more than her current job provided in order to cover the costs of child care so that she could continue working and afford appropriate housing. Salem IHN connected her to the tools and partners she needed to secure a home and safe care for her toddler.
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If you are an individual in need of help, please see our map to find the Community Action Agency that provides services in your area. Then get in touch with them to start moving your family toward safe, stable, affordable housing.