Oregon's Poverty Fighting Network


Community Action Partnership of Oregon (CAPO) increases resources and opportunities to ensure all Oregonians thrive through our network of programs and services focusing on low-income individuals and families.

CAPO works with its network of partners, and through its administrative management capabilities, to ensure that all Oregonians have the opportunity to become self-sufficient and live with dignity and security by:

  • Advocating for public policies that serve our members and the low-income population of Oregon;
  • Raising public awareness of the problems of those struggling with poverty and the good works of local Community Action Agencies by actively promoting the value of the CA Network and its member services and programs; and,
  • Educating and informing the membership, stakeholders and general public on issues that impact their communities.

501(c)(3) Permissible Activities Checklist

For information on Bolder Advocacy – An initiative of Alliance for Justice, visit the initiative’s website.

For information on Advocacy for Justice Events and Workshops, visit their upcoming events page.

Oregon Federal Delegation

Congressional Senators for Oregon:

Congressional Representatives for Oregon:

Oregon State Legislature

Get Involved

Individuals can help end poverty in Oregon by advocating, participating in local events (like National Community Action Month each May), raising awareness, sponsoring events, and volunteering their time and expertise.

Each day, individuals make a difference in their communities; we need more people like you to join in this effort. Below are some suggestions for how you and other individuals can participate.


E-mail your state and federal representatives. Communicate the importance of addressing poverty in your community to state and federal elected officials.

Pass it on

  • Send an e-mail to coworkers, classmates, friends and family letting them know what you are doing to fight poverty.
  • Post about your activities on social media.
  • Subscribe to CAPO’s e-mail newsletter and forward it to colleagues.

Sponsor an Event


  • Join Community Action Agencies in hands on service to your community.
  • Organize a group of co-workers, classmates, club members, friends or family members to volunteer at your Community Action Agency.


  • Donate to CAPO and the Community Action Network in Oregon. Donations of any amount are appreciated and tax deductible.