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Mid-Columbia Community Action Council 

For decades, Ellen* was married to a violent alcoholic. Having grown up in an alcoholic home, for the longest time, she didn’t know there were other options. She became a brilliant homemaker, raised four children, endured the binges and rages, finding solace in the beauty of her meticulous gardens. When the children grew up and moved out, Ellen found the courage for change and filed for divorce. Never allowed to work outside the home while she was married, Ellen now needed to find a job and pay all the bills. She registered to work as a caregiver, picked up several clients, budgeted and saved. But over time, her health declined, reducing her ability to work, and Ellen lost her home of more than 30 years.

MCCAC used NEW EHA funds to help Ellen with a deposit and first month’s rent on a house affordable enough to accommodate a HUD Section 8 voucher for which she has applied. Ellen once again has gardens that need tending and a cost of living that will keep her in a home! Total cost, $1,080.

* All names changed to protect privacy.