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CAPO Provides Free Web Based Family Development Training to Remote Eastern Oregon Agencies

Community Action Partnership of Oregon is working with Washington State
Community Action Partnership to sponsor a Free (for Oregon participants) web based
Family Development Certification training. This training consists of 2-1/2 weeks of
self-study and tests for understanding (using Washington State’s website); two 90
minute webinars, followed by more self-study and completion of test for
understanding; and a full day in person training which will be held in Pendleton,
Oregon on February 11th. This location provides an opportunity for those who work at
remote Eastern Oregon agencies a chance to attend a training without driving long
Plans for the next Family Development training sponsored by CAPO are in the works
for the near future, with the full day of in person training to be held in Medford, Oregon.
This training will be comprised of participants from southern Oregon who originally

signed up for the Pendleton training. If you’re interested in attending, there may be a
few open spots or cancellations.
To be included in a waiting list for this upcoming training or if you would like to be
included in CAPO’s email distribution list for all upcoming trainings, please