Client Story – Marion, Weatherization and Energy Assistance

At 82, Marion is enjoying life once again! She purchased her 1912 fixer upper in 1993 and remodeled it. At just 640 square feet, she called it her mini mansion! However, 20+ years later she realized that her home lacked the insulation and heating system necessary to keep her warm and healthy throughout the winter months. As she saw her heating bills rising, she knew she needed help.

“I received a note in the mail from NeighborImpact to attend a meeting on saving energy and I said, “Why not?” said Marion. “During the meeting, I learned about the Weatherization program. It took a year on the waiting list, but when it happened, it happened quickly.”

Marion qualified for a home energy audit and was enrolled in the Weatherization program. Mike Waitt and Judy Swendsen performed the audit and determined that a ductless heat pump would provide a substantial energy savings for Marion’s home. Using project data and REM-Design energy modeling software, estimated savings of over $500 per year are projected – a reduction of 55% for this home’s heating bill. Work crews were dispatched and the work was completed within a few weeks.

“Mike and Judy take such good care of you. I’m so thankful,” explains Marion. “I tell everybody that NeighborImpact really looks out for you! I feel like I really do live in a mansion now!”

When Marion is not tooling around in her garden or sitting in her rocking chair in her living room, she goes to luncheons and spreads the word about NeighborImpact. “I tell everybody. I go to luncheons where I stand up and say, “Thank you, NeighborImpact and thank you taxpayers!” and my friends say, “Oh God, NeighborImpact is taking such good care of you. They’re really looking out for you. Maybe one day I’ll call NeighborImpact too.”

CAPO Provides Free Web Based Family Development Training to Remote Eastern Oregon Agencies

Community Action Partnership of Oregon is working with Washington State
Community Action Partnership to sponsor a Free (for Oregon participants) web based
Family Development Certification training. This training consists of 2-1/2 weeks of
self-study and tests for understanding (using Washington State’s website); two 90
minute webinars, followed by more self-study and completion of test for
understanding; and a full day in person training which will be held in Pendleton,
Oregon on February 11th. This location provides an opportunity for those who work at
remote Eastern Oregon agencies a chance to attend a training without driving long
Plans for the next Family Development training sponsored by CAPO are in the works
for the near future, with the full day of in person training to be held in Medford, Oregon.
This training will be comprised of participants from southern Oregon who originally
signed up for the Pendleton training. If you’re interested in attending, there may be a
few open spots or cancellations.
To be included in a waiting list for this upcoming training or if you would like to be
included in CAPO’s email distribution list for all upcoming trainings, please

The De Muniz Resource Center Receives Grant 

The De Muniz Resource Center, a program of the Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency, received a $3,300 grant from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund to support transportation access for individuals coming out of incarceration.   The De Muniz Resource Center is a one-stop center for Marion County residents seeking successful transition from incarceration back to the community. The grant is a collaboration with the NW HUB bicycle reclamation program. De Muniz Resource Center clients often are in need of transportation in order to search for employment, attend health and mental health appointments or meet other obligations. This grant will provide 50 clients with bicycles through NW HUB. Clients will need to commit to some volunteer hours, where they will learn to build and maintain bikes before they earn a fully refurbished bicycle equipped with fenders, lights and lock.  The grant also provides funds for monthly bus passes for Center clients who are engaged in on-going program services and are in need of bus transportation.   “We are so excited for the partnerships our staff at the De Muniz Center have forged to support client success,” said Jon Reeves, Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency’s Executive Director.   “This grant provides more than a bike to those needing transportation, it provides a sense of independence and empowerment. They are able to effectively tackle other needs in their lives, such as looking for and securing employment as well as connecting with helpful community services. Furthermore, the contact with the NW HUB management and staff offers a positive connection to a pro-social environment providing the satisfaction of “giving back to their community,” said Craig Bazzi, De Muniz Resource Center’s Transition Services Manager.   Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency is the eighth largest 501(c)(3) in Marion and Polk counties and operates seven departments; Child Care Resource and Referral, Community Resource Program (housing division which includes the De Muniz Resource Center), Energy Assistance, Head Start/Early Head Start, HOME Youth & Resource Center, Nutrition First, and Weatherization Services.  To learn more about the Mid-Willamette Community Action Agency visit   For more information contact Craig Bazzi @ (503) 990-7370 or

Community in Action Has Positive Affect on People’s Lives

Last fall, the CinA weatherization crew went to perform an initial weatherization audit on Brian’s house.  CinA’s  crew was met with quite a few daunting challenges.
The first thing disclosed to the crew was that there was no running water. Brian had not had water for many months and had been hauling water from his neighbors.  CinA could not start weatherization procedures until this was remedied.  Fortunately, CinA was able to initiate resolution of the water issue using another grant source.  CinA assisted Brian in obtaining bids to repair his well.
After repair of the well was complete, it was then discovered that Brian’s house had many water leaks inside.  Bids were requested for the repair of the plumbing, drains and installation of handicap accessible bathroom fixtures.
Upon completion of the plumbing repairs, CinA’s weatherization crew was able to complete energy efficiency weatherization measures making the house safer and more comfortable than ever.
Brian is disabled and he and his son live on his social security disability.  Without CinA’s weatherization assistance he would have continued living without running water because he did not have the resources to get it fixed.  Brian was so thankful and happy to receive the assistance from these funding sources.  Brian will now be able to live safer and healthier in his home.
Leveraging multiple sources with each other allowed CinA to help Brian ease the physical burden and strain that he had been living under for years.
The appreciation and thanks expressed by Brian proved an invaluable reminder of how Community Action can so positively affect a person’s life and future.