Oregon's Poverty Fighting Network

Mr. Arthur

CAPO’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) in Klamath Falls works with many local military service clubs, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. With this overwhelming support in Klamath and Lake Counties, we serve the local homeless veteran population with an all-encompassing hometown approach, using the Rapid Resolution Program method.

This strong support yields success. Mr. Arthur*, a veteran experiencing homelessness, was having ongoing medical and financial issues. He previously received services through SSVF and was a mutual client of our partner, the OHSU Interprofessional Care Access Network (I-CAN) Program. It was decided that moving back to reunite with his family support network would be the best solution for Mr. Arthur. Now the challenge was finding the financial support needed for his move. And that’s where our support network comes in.

Around this time, the CAPO SSVF team was hosting an open house to showcase its new office space. With a number of community partners attending, we were able to share Mr. Arthur’s need with key partners who immediately pledged support. Within 11 days of the open house, we had secured:

  • $353 for Mr. Arthur’s Amtrak ticket from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Lead Service Officer Brigitte Marker and Ray Ramirez, Commander of the local DAV chapter. (Mr. Ramirez is also Homeless Prevention Case Manager for our Klamath Falls SSVF).
  • $250 for the shipment of Mr. Arthur’s personal items from the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Oregon Chapter 29-6 thanks to Commander, James Lindsey who called a Command Executive Board meeting over the phone to authorize assistance for Mr. Arthur. In addition, Combat Vets Treasurer Shorty Ogdon-Moles met with Mr. Arthur at a UPS store to ship his personal items.
  • $130 for meals and incidentals from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Commander Karen Johnson, Senior Vice Commander Noko Herrera, and Quartermaster Duane Whitehead.

Mr. Arthur has now safely returned to his family, thanks to the swift and generous support of our partners. Thank you to all the organizations that partner with us to support our veterans and our programs, including DAV, VFW, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Marine Corps League, The American Legion, the VA Community Based Outreach Center, Klamath County Veteran Service Office, Lake County Veterans Service Office, Senior Center, WorkSource, Goodwill Inc., Klamath Housing Authority, Legacy Furniture, Klamath and Lake Community Action Services (KLCAS), Big Lots, local hotels, and several other community donors.

Strong community connections in Klamath Falls demonstrates what can happen when we pull together for one common goal to end veteran homelessness. Noko Herrera, Ray Ramirez and Savannah Hardy, the CAPO SSVF team, are always ready to take action to assist some of our most vulnerable veterans in Klamath Falls.

*Pseudonym used to maintain client’s anonymity.