Oregon's Poverty Fighting Network

Michael and Rodney

This is Michael and his puppy Rodney, two of NeighborImpact’s shelter guests this winter. We spoke to Michael recently about his story of homelessness here in Central Oregon. 5 years ago Michael was a normal Oregonian, he had a job, a car, a house. However, after his wife died and other circumstances occurred he had to make a decision, pay for his medicine or his homeowner’s insurance. He chose his medicine. Not long after his house burned to the ground with all of his possessions. Michael then was thrust into homelessness in his mid 60s.

His story drives home the desperate times we live in and the reason NeighborImpact exists. If you want to help – or help yet again – please share this video, start a Facebook campaign, send a donation, or contribute any part of your stimulus check you don’t need. We and those who need our help appreciate your kindness, and we thank you.