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Community in Action Has Positive Affect on People’s Lives

Last fall, the CinA weatherization crew went to perform an initial weatherization audit on Brian’s house.  CinA’s  crew was met with quite a few daunting challenges.
The first thing disclosed to the crew was that there was no running water. Brian had not had water for many months and had been hauling water from his neighbors.  CinA could not start weatherization procedures until this was remedied.  Fortunately, CinA was able to initiate resolution of the water issue using another grant source.  CinA assisted Brian in obtaining bids to repair his well.
After repair of the well was complete, it was then discovered that Brian’s house had many water leaks inside.  Bids were requested for the repair of the plumbing, drains and installation of handicap accessible bathroom fixtures.
Upon completion of the plumbing repairs, CinA’s weatherization crew was able to complete energy efficiency weatherization measures making the house safer and more comfortable than ever.
Brian is disabled and he and his son live on his social security disability.  Without CinA’s weatherization assistance he would have continued living without running water because he did not have the resources to get it fixed.  Brian was so thankful and happy to receive the assistance from these funding sources.  Brian will now be able to live safer and healthier in his home.
Leveraging multiple sources with each other allowed CinA to help Brian ease the physical burden and strain that he had been living under for years.
The appreciation and thanks expressed by Brian proved an invaluable reminder of how Community Action can so positively affect a person’s life and future.