Oregon's Poverty Fighting Network

Empty Bowls

As the holidays approach, those of us in Community Action service see the escalating impact of poverty in people’s lives. It’s colder outside. Bills are higher and food, as a less costly and more mutable expense, is often the need that gets ambushed in the process.

That is why Empty Bowls Projects in food banks across the country are so important. Not only do they generate resources for the food bank, they also help generate community conversations around the topics of hunger and food insecurity.

This past month, UCAN held its first annual Empty Bowls Project Dinner event. Our staff and volunteers were very pleased with the event and its outcomes. Over 120 people attended, more than 50 bowl makers participated, 12 restaurants prepared soups and breads, and those joining in enjoyed the dinner.

More than $3,500 in funds were raised. And further – and perhaps more importantly – the on-going issue of food insecurity is now more prevalently discussed than prior to the dinner. Next year’s event is already being planned for October 15, 2018, which is the evening before World Food Day.