Category: Client Stories


MCCAC helped this family move into a new apartment in time for school.

Sam and Maya

Facing disability, unemployment, and a medical emergency, Maya turned to MCCAC for help securing housing.


MCCAC used EHA funds and connected her with a caseworker who helped her develop a short-term plan to keep her housed until her benefits came through.


Ellen’s declining health led to the loss of her job, then the loss of her home. A hand up from MCCAC helped her reestablish a safe, affordable home.


Katie needed more than her current job provided in order to cover the costs of childcare and afford appropriate housing.

“Karen and Viktor”

This young couple was able to address their complex array of needs because HOAP helped them navigate an equally complex system.


With little more than the clothes on their backs, Deanna and her son escaped domestic violence but found it much more difficult than expected to find a job and a new home.


Domestic violence forced a mother and two sons from their home. Despite having family willing to help, Lisa needed additional supports to rebuild her life and care for her boys.


A housing scam left Charles and his wife living in their car for more than a year. They now have a comfortable home.

Ana and Vanessa

These two teenage moms struggled, until case management and housing support helping them into safe stable homes of their own. Learn more about Insights Teen Parent Services.